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Erasko Textile

We are a manufacturer and seller of women's ready-to-wear in the textile industry since 1980 in Istanbul.

We have been in the textile industry with 6 different brands from 1980 until today. With a decision you made in 2017, we aimed to unite all our brands by establishing Erasko Textile Industry and Trade Limited Company. During this period, we aimed to open up fully abroad to evaluate the experiences and gains we have gained in different markets.

As a company that acts with fashion in the rising value of women's clothing, we aim to meet your requests completely thanks to our high quality and product range. We can produce the requested products in high quality and in high quantity in all kinds of women's clothing with our expert staff...

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Sucessfully completed 5000+ sales with numbers of satisfied client

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Creative Ideas

With our advanced equipment and expert staff, we are just a message away from the innovative and modern designs you need


Low Cost

With our high quality, low cost policy, we provide convenience to our customers in terms of cost


Talented Team

We eliminate the negatives that will occur in the production process with our talented and expert staff. Tell us what you want and leave the rest to us!


Online Support

We provide 24/7 support and communication from the order proposal to the production and shipping process